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The Unique Mystery of Chechen Brides

Chechnya is one of the most beautiful places on earth. And this statement is true not only for the majestic mountains and nature of this country. Of particular beauty are the young Chechen girls living here. The purity of air and the crystal clear water of mountain streams gives these women indescribable charm and charm. Look "100%" without makeup and bright outfits - you must agree that not every girl can do it. Natural beauty is a priceless gift, and it is valued very highly. Girls born in Chechen cities and villages receive a wonderful gift - amazing skin color, bottomless eyes and luxurious waves of hair. They are now conquering more than one masculine heart with their regular forms and chiseled figures. According to the traditions of the Chechen people, girls and women should cover their hair. The finest silk scarves and scarves crown the female faces, emphasizing the delicate oval of the face and clearly marked dark eyebrows of perfect shape. Chechen brides have large expressive eyes, always surrounded by a natural halo of thick black eyelashes. Strict upbringing and modest manners of behavior only emphasize the purity and charm of a Chechen woman. No vulgar outfits and screaming makeup on the face. Dignity and natural grace shines through in every movement.

Chechen ladies, brought up in the traditions of their country, are distinguished by special charm and charm. The image of the proud, submissive and domestic beauty of the Caucasus has developed for a reason. As a rule, Chechen women are hardworking and do not know gloom. From childhood they are accustomed to the fact that it is impossible to lose heart, and a smile is the best way to cure a sick soul. There is even a saying in Chechnya that says that if you have a barn burning and you can’t do anything about it, you should at least warm your hands. Chechen brides are famous for their femininity. In a traditional Islamic society, there is no place for masculine clothing on the fair sex, tattoos and piercings. Grown in a special environment, they are usually quiet and humble. A Chechen girl believes that her task is to provide rear services to a man and protect a home. Therefore, she will not take on men's responsibilities, interfere with male parenting. Respect for elders and more privileged ones is brought up in it, and a man in Islam stands above a woman. The concept of honor is very important for Chechen women. Losing honor in every way is worse than accepting death. This leaves its mark on their behavior. Chechen beauties, as a rule, are more practical and less romantic than European ones. They do not build illusions about marriage and understand that after marriage they will have to take upon themselves the care of maintaining the home. Brought up in this way, they are ready for marriage, childbirth and cares associated with family life.

Chechen Mail Order Brides: Distinctive Features

Beautiful Chechen brides get their special charm and manner of behavior due to certain features of upbringing and the norms adopted in their culture. The following common features can be distinguished for Chechens:

  • Developed sense of national pride, self-esteem;
  • Adherence to following traditions and habits, great value of family ties;
  • Emotional character, desire for self-presentation;
  • Perseverance in achieving goals;
  • Highlighted respect for elders and people with a higher position in society;
  • The desire for leadership among other ethnic groups, fraternity.

These features of the upbringing and perception of the world are more noticeable in the behavior of Chechen men, but they undoubtedly leave an imprint on the girls. Even in the XXI century, for Chechen women, family and children are a priority. But the pace of time leaves its mark on life in the Caucasus and upbringing: girls seek to get an education, find a good well-paid job. All Caucasian peoples have a special attitude to wealth - they love prosperity and the attributes of a dear life. Today it happens that Chechen women prefer a career to their families. In this case, the lady will certainly strive for a quick climb up the career ladder and will succeed in the chosen field - due to hard work and perseverance. Respect for women is manifested among all the peoples of the Caucasus - they are Christians or Muslims, highlanders or inhabitants of the plain. It is women who transmit from generation to generation their culture, our spiritual and moral values. Therefore, the manifestation of brute force, arrogance towards her, all that offends her dignity, met with contempt and resistance from all Caucasians. No wonder the oath among the highlanders was considered the oath in the name of his wife. This oath is connected with a kebin - a prenuptial agreement. If the sworn's testimony turned out to be false, then the marriage was recognized as invalid. As soon as the wife found out that the husband swore a false oath, she could immediately leave home.

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Chechen Mail Order Brides - this is an Example of Wives and Mothers

Chechen families are not in vain considered the strongest and strongest; divorce or polygamy are extremely rare here. The basis of all the strict traditions of their ancestors, which from time immemorial have been revered and respected by the peoples of the Caucasus. From early childhood, the girl is prepared to become a wife, daughter-in-law and mother. Chechen brides are not allowed to sleep in the mornings for long, to wake up earlier than everyone else in the house - this is how a young daughter-in-law should behave. Domestic work and helping the mother with the housework are things that are not discussed at all. The centuries-old traditions and laws of great-grandfathers are honored by everyone, and therefore respect for elders and patience are absorbed with mother’s milk and laid at the genetic level. Preservation of the family is one of the main rules in the Caucasus. Young people are brought up and prepared for marriage, family people support relatives and increase the race by giving birth to children, old people and elders send families to resolve disputes and conflicts. And zeal for the integrity and preservation of marriage always falls on the fragile shoulders of a woman. Many national adats may seem strange and wild to an outside observer, but adherence to these traditions and endless patience remain the guarantor of a strong Caucasian family. And a young smart daughter-in-law picks up these rules, sweeps the yard and "earns points." As if her own husband were not happy with the wife, if the husband’s parents were not happy with their daughter-in-law, if she did not show due respect for them, then a happy marriage could very quickly end.

Chechen wives always strive for harmonious and even perfect relationships with their partner. Therefore, they connect life only with those who fully comply with their list of requirements for a man. However, they, of course, are not immune from mistakes, but an unsuccessful marriage can occur only in early youth, when their worldview with respect to the male half of humanity is not yet thoroughly formed, and the image of the ideal man, so to speak, is not laid out. Chechen women have a fairly passive sexual character. A man should not expect violent confessions or admiration from them. But they are sentimental and can show tenderness and shower his chosen one with kisses, which is called, out of the blue, in a rush of the corresponding mood. Men should not expect clear logic from actions and manifestations of emotions from Chechen women. Each of them can become the guardian of the hearth, but for this her spouse should protect her from gross and unaesthetic domestic troubles. Material wealth and comfort are fundamental to her. Chechen women love their children very much, but for them the husband will always be the main person, and his interests will come first. This woman will not allow children to be naughty, so as not to disturb daddy’s peace, in every possible way supports his authority in their eyes. Chechen women treat children fairly, do not use undeserved punishments. They are quite strict, but at the same time gentle and caring, they always find a common language and the right approach, give a good upbringing, teach good manners, carefully monitor the health of children.

What do Chechen Women Really Want from Marriage?

A man trying to win the heart of a Chechen bride needs to first assess his appearance. Attention must be paid to clothing, shoes, as well as stylish hairstyles. To surprise and somehow win Chechen brides, it is necessary to satisfy all the lusts and whims of a wonderful person. They are very condescending to expensive gifts and chic bouquets of flowers. In order to interest a Chechen girl, you must first understand how she sees her ideal young man. A man should always open new horizons for himself and for a pretty young lady to be an interesting and boring interlocutor for her.

In no case should you count on altruism from the young lady. In order to intrigue and somehow win a Chechen bride, a man must always be around, trying to join the company in which the girl spends all her free time. A Chechen woman needs constant attention, praise her in every way and raise her in the eyes of other people. Because this beautiful lady is a yoke from birth, accustomed to a crowd of admirers and the attention of men. She appreciates the beautiful and enjoys art in all its manifestations. A Chechen woman prefers her future husband to match her completely. A young man whose physical form is far from perfect will also be ignored. Therefore, in order to somehow win and keep the Chechen bride, you must look 100%. For such a girl, it is very important that a male getter appear before her, behind whom she will be like behind a stone wall. And only such a young man will a Chechen woman give herself to conquer.

Charming Chechen brides very subtly and clearly feel the atmosphere of the place. In order to win the heart of such a young lady, it is necessary to take her to chic and luxurious establishments, surprising with their sophistication. You can also visit the exhibition or attend the premiere of a fashion show. But you should not think that after such an evening she will completely surrender to the arms of a fan. For Chechen girls, attention signs are taken for granted and taken for granted by a young man. In the event that a man wants to conquer a Chechen woman for a long time, he needs to learn to guess her desires and understand her perfectly. Only a man with a strong character will succeed in conquering a Chechen woman. She needs to have a person nearby who can be counted on in a difficult situation, and whose authority will have to be recognized.

Best Methods to Get Chechen Mail Order Wife

Modern Chechen singles are increasingly taking care of their fate themselves, they receive education, build a career and choose husbands themselves. Many of them even try to leave for a foreign country, for this they actively visit dating sites in search of their destiny. So, if you really set out to marry a Chechen woman, choose trusted Chechen dating sites or visit a marriage agency/service, where professional psychologists from the catalog of Chechen women for marriage will pick you a wife. Relations by means of the World Wide Web develop communication skills, help to get acquainted with those people whose appearance and interests maximally correspond to your personal preferences. According to the information on the page on the social network, you can learn a lot about Chechnya women. Also, in the process of correspondence, you can decide whether it is worth developing further relationships (giving a phone number, meeting in real life), or is it better to stop communication even at the beginning. Virtual relationships are convenient in that you do not need to leave a cozy room for communication, dress up in front of a mirror for hours, or look for a place for a date. The girl on the other side of the monitor does not see our reaction to certain phrases. There is an opportunity to think carefully about the answer to an uncomfortable question, which in real communication can be problematic. How to communicate on the Internet to find a soul mate?

  • First you need to decide what you are looking for - friendly communication, flirting or serious relationships, as well as possible to find out the intentions of the girl. If you want to continue the relationship, ask her to send you some different photos. If Chechen mail order bride does not hide her identity and appearance, he willingly agrees to fulfill your request. If she refuses to do this under various pretexts, you should be wary;
  • If you are looking for a soulmate on dating sites, review only proven reliable resources that can guarantee that the information about their customers is true. Do not rush to go on a first date, even if you really liked the girl. Ask the interlocutor a little more about her hobbies and work, views and hobbies. Before a real meeting it is better to talk on the phone for a while;
  • In Internet correspondence, you don’t have to lie about yourself, embellish your strengths and hide real flaws.

If you are a modest guy, then do not charm the single girl with strangers photos against the background of dear Bantley. Instead, it is better to interest her in her sociability and resourcefulness. In correspondence, it is advisable to use fewer emoticons and “on-duty” expressions, and try to show your intelligence and eloquence. Although, of course, virtual correspondence should not turn into a collection of abstruse quotes. Communicate naturally, be yourself.

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Finding a Bride
Choose a reliable mail order website. There are hundreds of them; some are focused on Asian girls, some – on Russian. Read reviews about this website to be sure that it is not a fake for getting money from you.
Step 2
The Process
Create an account. Write some interesting information about yourself. It will help a bride you would like to chat with to make a first impression about you, so don’t ignore this step and approach this very attentively.
Step 3
Learn some information about the country, a girl from which you would like to meet here. This knowledge will help you be convinced of your choice and feel more confident. Try to view all girls that match your criteria before making the next step.
Step 4
Make a choice and write to a girl you like. There are no limits – you can write to as many girls as you wish.
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