Best prompts on how to find a boyfriend in 2020

All the girls are dreaming about love. Having a handsome guy behind who will take care, cuddle, and make you happier continues to be one of the most common desires of ladies at any age. But how to get into a relationship with a man? What are the best places to find the one you need? Is it possible to attract a guy who studies with you in college if you are shy? Even in case you are feeling a lack of confidence, there are still plenty of options to establish connections with a nice guy you like. Any girl can find a boyfriend regardless of her appearance, style, and preferences. 

I want a boyfriend. Where to start? 

“I need a boyfriend” This is an issue any girl has faced at least once in her life. The problem has been sharp for ages, and different ladies solved it in various ways. You are probably having an image of the perfect partner in your mind and might be falling for a particular type of man. However, seducing the guys you like often appears to be challenging. Some ladies just can’t make a first step in the relationships, the others might be feeling confused and totally lost when a handsome man approaches them. Anyway, there is a solution to all these problems. Although the tips below might not be effective for all the girls in the world, most advice will surely appear to be very helpful. If you are searching for a new boyfriend, it’s time to make your wishes come true. 

Start going out

Sticking to the screen of your gadget will not help you to establish a real-life connection. Although we are living in a world of total globalization, where PCs, laptops, and smartphones give us amazing opportunities in any sphere, the best places to meet men are still outside your home. The best advice here is to visit various types of public places, such as cafes, bars, and other events. Even in case you don’t like parties, there are tons of other opportunities. You can visit different events, exhibitions, and concerts according to your preferences. Feeling bored and have no hobbies? It might be a good idea to try different fields to choose something that will appear right for you. If you are totally focused on getting your education and don’t have time for hobbies, there are lots of speaking and other clubs in high school. Accepting the invitations is the first step to find a perfect single man.

Don’t forget to take care of yourself 

There is nothing new then it comes to looking for a boyfriend, you will need to have a pretty look. However, you still always need to be yourself when choosing the style and diving into the new fashion trends. Here is what you need to take care of to make your performance brilliant anytime and everywhere.

  • Self-esteem. You might be the most beautiful girl in the world, but in case you don’t believe in yourself, your dating goals are doomed to failure. The vital thing for establishing any connections is to be confident. Try to be comfortable with yourself and take everything that happens around easier.
  • Fashion. Avoid choosing too sexy clothes since you might attract the wrong guys only. Make sure to have a tidy and stylish look. That’s all!
  • Behavior and habits. Drinking too much alcohol and taking drugs are taboos for any smart girl. Avoid spreading gossip, talking too loudly, and sticking to any man who likes you. Always respect yourself. 

Stay positive and keep smiling

Avoid looking like a grumpy cat. Try to stay positive and keep smiling no matter what. You are young, pretty, and ambitious. Your love is waiting for you right around the corner. Make your smile shine. By the way, most men prefer girls who are happy and confident. 

Get the guy with easy conversations 

Feeling stuck with approaching the boyfriend of your dreams? Practice! Try to speak with different people on various topics. For example, talk to a shop assistant in the market, communicate with male friends more often. Communication with guys is a skill you can easily improve. Just take all your courage and start sharpening these skills with different people before contacting a man you like.

The easiest tips on how to find a boyfriend

To make your conversation skills better, you need to communicate as much as you can. This will help you to understand the guys, as well as will surely be extremely important when searching for a boyfriend. Where to meet guys? It might be a good idea to start with these handy options. 

  • Join a community that meets your interests. There is undoubtedly something special you are interested in. Find this special niche, and try to spend more time on it. You will definitely find people, including handsome guys, who share your ideas. 
  • Go out. Clubs and cafes continue to attract crowds of lonely hearts. Your future boyfriend might be among them. Don’t neglect this opportunity and visit public places at least a couple of times per week. 
  • Go online. If you are feeling a lack of courage in real-life communication, try online forums first. 

There are lots of other solutions to get a boyfriend. It might be a great idea to try at least a few of them. 

How to find a boyfriend online: Dating apps

There are dozens of web services that might assist you in picking up a fantastic boyfriend. Some of them are connecting to your Facebook profile, while the others are 100% anonymous. Choose a solution that meets your goals, expectations, and budget. By the way, get ready to receive dozens of messages from various guys almost immediately after creating a profile. Men often spam pretty girls on dating services, so you are likely to receive messages from both good and bad guys. Just accept this fact and filter your new matches. 

Where to meet single men: Blind dates 

Many people succeed with blind dates. Why should you miss this interesting opportunity? Just ask a couple of your friends about lonely guys among their mates. This way, you don’t risk it, but might get a brilliant chance to find a boyfriend who will drive you crazy. It is a common myth that blind dates are for desperate women over 30. Fortunately, we definitely know that it is not true. 

Where can I find a boyfriend? Take a class

Learning something new is one of the greatest opportunities to meet a boyfriend. If you are a teen, you can take extra classes at your school. For older girls, it might be fine to enroll in some courses in the college. A significant part of the participants will be men, that’s right whom you are looking for. It is better to choose areas that are more popular among males. For example, it might be an advanced computer, programming, or design courses. Obviously, it is better to avoid knitting or scrapbooking classes since you will hardly find men there. 

Where to meet men: Speed dating

Speed dating allows you to meet several single guys simultaneously. The main idea is that you chat for a couple of minutes with a man and then move to another one. This trick helps you to discover whether the men you meet are from boyfriend material or not. After you’ve chatted with all the guys, both ladies and gentlemen choose whom they liked most. In case you match, you can arrange a longer date and know more about each other. By the way, blind dates are often very fun and help you learn how to break the ice with guys. This skill will be surely useful for you in the future. 

How to date a guy: the most powerful prompts

The first thing you need to keep in mind is being approachable. Make your boyfriend think you are an easy-going, open-minded, and pleasant person, who is always ready to meet new people and establish new contacts. Try to be kind and sincere and avoid showing off your aggression or hostile attitude to somebody or something. That is easier than you might think. For example:

  • Wave and smile at him when you see your crush. Being friendly is a must-do thing you need to make your relationship happy. Furthermore, a smile is a classical sign of sympathy for any person. Smile a man you like if you want him to approach you first. 
  • Be kind to other people. In case you are treating someone so badly, you are likely to ruin your relationship, too. Being nice and polite is good for any girl. 
  • Take the initiative. Boys love when ladies are also taking the initiative. For example, you can arrange your third, fourth, or other dates to make your boyfriend feel relaxed, too. 
  • Have a good look. According to most guys, their girlfriends should always have an excellent look. This means you will need to wear only fresh clothes, wear makeup wisely, and always have a fresh and pleasant odor. Regardless of where you are planning to go, it is great to have a top-notch look. Being attractive is what any girl needs to be. 

How do I get a boyfriend? Show off your interest! 

Regardless of whether you are dating a black or white boyfriend, it is always important to show off your interest in his personality. You can ask questions about his hobbies, plans, and dreams, as well as discover more facts about his family or friends. Don’t refuse to go out with your boyfriend several times in sequence. Otherwise, he might think you are no longer interested in dating him. Furthermore, if you refused to have a date for any reason, you will surely need to contact your man in 10 days or even faster. Don’t make long pauses in the relationships happen. 

I want a bf. What should I do ASAP?

There is nothing you should do ASAP to get a boyfriend. The same thing is for dating. You shouldn’t speed up your relationships and make them flow in a natural way. Avoid looking too desperate when searching for a relationship since you might just piss off your boyfriend. By the way, you shouldn’t treat each of your boyfriends as a future husband. Be respectful to yourself, and never date someone who treats you badly or just doesn't like real you. It is better not to have any relationships at all then date a toxic person. Always take care of yourself - violence and rudeness have nothing in common with love.

How to get boyfriends? Show off real you

Being unique is what differs you from other women. How to meet guys in your 20s? Show off your real features and avoid pretending to be someone else. Even if you really like the style or habits of another girl, don’t copy her. You are unique and have your own particular features to be proud of. The only thing that can make you succeed in relationships is to try being a better version of yourself.

Turn your friendship into the relationship

Being friends is surely good, but having a boyfriend often appears to be even better. Don’t forget that your relationship is a two-way street. It is important to keep a balance between what you and your partner like. For example, in case your beloved doesn't like to party hard, you can spend a night watching Netflix from time to time. 

Tips on how to get a boyfriend: communicate and flirt

Communicating in a sincere and friendly way is the key to success in most relationships. The secret is that the more you talk, the closer you become. To make your hearts unite, don’t be afraid to ask questions on various topics. However, leave the topics on religion, past relationships, and politics for later. 

How to have a boyfriend: find something in common 

It is necessary to take into account both you and your man’s hobbies and preferences. It is even better to find a common hobby to spend time together even funnier. Have you ever tried your men’s hobbies? If not, it’s an excellent idea to try them. You might like the things your boyfriend likes. For example, listening to his favorite pop groups don’t require much effort. 

How to have a boyfriend? Make him fall for you easily! 

The thing is that a perfect girlfriend is a caring and a welcoming lady with good manners. To make your crush fall for you, don’t forget about a couple of things:

  • Be understanding and supportive. In case your guy is ill, it might not be the best option to go out for a long walk. You might bring him some fruit and just spend a cozy evening chatting and joking together. 
  • Avoid being lazy and cold-hearted. These features can make you a bad partner for any man. 

Be attractive and independent 

Being mentally independent is one of the most important parameters for any female. Don’t make your man solve all your problems. Furthermore, don’t be afraid to show off your real preferences and dislikes. You are a personality with your own plans and views. You should also set up your particular boundaries and don’t break your own rules for any reason. 

Don’t limit his independence

Your man is another person, but not your property. You can’t make him do something you want or change him. In case you are trying to change a person you like, you are dating the wrong partner. Love is about accepting your beloved with all his little imperfections. 

Moreover, manipulation is one of the bad hobbies of many females. You can play psychological tricks with your partner, but he might soon get tired of all these games. If you are not satisfied with your relationship or his attitude towards you, it might be good to break up and look for someone more fitting your needs and expectations. 

Be a good girlfriend

It is vital to becoming someone your man can trust. Being reliable is about telling the truth and supporting your beloved. Moreover, avoid changing plans too often since it can make your guy feel lost and disappointed. It is also great when your guy admires you and respects all your career plans and dreams. Generally, you need to feel better when staying together than when staying apart.

Flirt and smile 

Flirting and keeping the romance alive will help you to make your relationship last longer. Many ladies believe that romance is a thing that males should take care of. However, you might make your guy feeling happier and more delightful when adding some romance to your everyday routine. Spice up your relationship with preparing hot dinner in a pleasant environment, make a gift to your beloved, or decorate your home for a better mood. When your crush is feeling depressed or exhausted, support him with warm words and smile. When someone is happy behind you, you are likely to feel better, too. Make your boyfriend feel you value his desires and dreams. 

The final words

Finding a perfect boyfriend in the modern world might be often difficult. However, if you are feeling confident, often visit public places, communicate with different people, and are not afraid to make the first step to establish contacts with men, you are doomed to success. Perhaps, your true love will soon find you.

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