Privacy and Cookie Policy

The website, which official address is, has the responsibility of preserving the privacy of all our visitors and sees it as one of the main priorities. This Privacy and Cookie Policy (hereinafter – the Policy) explains what the collects during its work, how the collected information is processed and used. Anyone having additional questions that are not covered by this Policy is welcomed to contact us to ask them. 

Files with logs

The website uses logs in its normal activity. Every user leaves a trace in log files when he or she visits our website and makes any actions on it. The log files are created and written automatically, without any human intervention. The log files are made in order to run the website’s activity analytics needed for internal purposes of the website with the aim to analyze the activity of users on the website, track any possible errors, understand the geography of users, and improve rendering of services of the website in general. The collected information may include such information: IP (geographical location) of users, the type and version of used browser, the name of Internet provider of the user, date and time or actions, pages visited, screen resolution, and what clicks were made in what places of pages. No personal information is collected (a user cannot be identified based on collected data). 


The uses cookies. These are small pieces of information that contain technical data to understand users’ preferences (like the site’s theme, language, most used pages, saved login and password, viewed information, set-up filters, and so on) – to make sure that during the consequent visits, user will have a simplified access to the data that has been already shown to him or her, to show the site’s information as relevant and personalized as possible. 

Cookies are created and updated automatically and are stored on your device, which you use to access the Internet, for a certain time. Different cookies may have different time of their storage. After the defined time passes, they are deleted automatically. 

Cookies only store information about user preferences to enhance the user experience, and they do not store any personal information that would allow defining the user personality or obtaining any sensitive data (including personal or financial).

It is possible to disable cookies during visits to the site but it may interrupt your user experience and may cause the impossibility to use the site as intended. To disable, you have to go to the Settings in your browser, find the respected option on the list and disable. You may need to restart your browser to make changes take effect. You can also delete any cookies and information about visited pages for any period of time (usually, from the latest hours to all of it for all time).

We have several types of cookies in action. They are divided into general cookies, cookies for functionality and for performance. 

Children protection

We keep up with the policy of children protection during their use of the Internet. We highly encourage all parents to be guardians of their children as they work with the Internet and to monitor their activity and information they have access to. The website does not collect any information about children aged under 13. If you believe that your child below 13 gives us any information, we encourage you to contact us as soon as possible to resolve the issue. 

External links

The website may contain links to external websites. However, they are not under our umbrella of this Policy, we are not responsible for the content they provide to their users and we cannot speak from their names in anything that concerns their websites and information therein. We have no control over their content and bear no responsibility for any damage or harm that a user may have by visiting the external sites. 

Affiliate information

The website may have some affiliate links in its content and some of those links bring us commission but that does not mean that the prices you see on those affiliate links are somehow affected by us.

The validity of this Policy

This Policy only applies to online users of the website Any other channels that involve communication with the users of the are not regulated or affected by this Policy. 

Your consent

If you use the, you give your consent with all provisions of this Policy and Terms and Conditions. Otherwise, stop using the immediately. 

Changes to this Policy

The administration of the reserves the right to change this Policy whenever it believes necessary. If any change in this Policy occurs after you have given your consent with it and you continue using the, it is taken as your full consent with all applied changes to this Policy.

Contact data

You are welcomed to contact us using the contact form on the site should you have any questions.