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Central Asia Represented by Kyrgyzstan Women

According to sociologists, over the past ten years, the views of girls about marriage have changed markedly. The most relevant and controversial today is the opinion that, first of all, Kyrgyzstan girls pay attention to the financial situation of their future spouses. Organizations in the field of Kyrgyzstan women's rights protection note that parents are ready to marry their daughters to wealthy suitors; they will not look at their daughter's age, be she a girl. This is one of the reasons for early marriage in the country. Although modern Kyrgyzstan women prefer to choose husbands according to their own preferences, work, get an education and generally have the following qualities:

  • May be too independent;
  • Always trying to predict the development of events;
  • Has a practical mind;
  • Can do a lot better than men;
  • Never give up;
  • Full of energy, able to work a lot and not get tired;
  • Persistently strives to achieve the goal, but with difficulty completes what was begun to the end.

Kyrgyzstan women strive for the best in everything: whether they choose clothes, do work or solve family problems, perfectionism always remains with them. Kyrgyzstan women want a lot from their men - sometimes much more than the "average" representative of the stronger sex is able to give them. Kyrgyzstan women are looking for a knight who will be stronger and more experienced than them, will not lose his dignity in any circumstances, will be perfect and excellent, faithful to them and ready to appreciate their successes, talents and advantages.

In order to be happy, these ladies should be proud of literally everything - quality of life, work and business partners, their chosen one, their children. From loved ones, admiration for their abilities and absolute devotion are required: Kyrgyzstan ladies are terrible owners in love. But they can be generous to their loved ones and relatives, friends and good friends. Only a very reckless and brave man can criticize Kyrgyzstan women; one who will admire other ladies in her presence will cause a lot of trouble on his head. And they won’t have to wait long - Kyrgyzstan women rarely hold emotions inside themselves, and seriously believe that revenge can exist only as a very hot meal. Ladies surprisingly combine character traits that are considered to be “masculine” and irresistible feminine charm. They always remain optimistic, and only the closest people know (and not always) how easy it is to injure these women. Sometimes they are aggressive. If they are disappointed in a person or seriously offended, they are unlikely to ever again become interested in him, even if he was endlessly sympathetic to them.

Cultural Features of Kyrgyzstan Women

The nature of Kyrgyzstan women and their cultural characteristics are the result of upbringing. From ancient times, a poorly educated Kyrgyz girl is a shame not only for her relatives, but for the whole village. For adult Kyrgyzstan women there are many prohibitions before marriage:

  • Well-educated Kyrgyzstan singles cannot do as they please. They are always and in everything controlled by the wives of the older brothers;
  • Unmarried Kyrgyzstan women do not have the right to wear black clothes and loose their hair. This is all a sign of mourning, only women who have recently lost husbands do so. In addition, the girl should not cut her hair;
  • An adult Kyrgyzstan girl never stretches to strangers. It is believed that in this way she demonstrates a desire to get married sooner;
  • Young Kyrgyzstan women cannot look into the eyes of men. Shyness, refusal to visit crowded places and looking away when talking with the stronger sex are considered signs of good manners;
  • Kyrgyzstan women cannot wear men's clothes, nor can the clothes of married women;
  • A well-educated Kyrgyzstan woman never crosses the road to a man - it is believed that in this case his path will be “blocked”;
  • Kyrgyzstan brides should not laugh out loud. They should also speak and walk quietly. If young Kyrgyzstan women talk loudly and laugh in public, they are considered ill-bred;
  • Adult girls are not allowed to gnaw tomk (a small thick triangular bone between the tibia and femur) when they eat meat. According to tradition, this means that otherwise they will be single all their lives;
  • Young Kyrgyzstan women do not have the right to stand with their backs to elders or cross their path. This is considered disrespectful.

The behavior of a beautiful Kyrgyzstan girl - her walk, her manner, the ability to serve tea to guests, conversations, laughter, etc. - is strictly controlled. Monitoring compliance with unwritten rules is considered a concern for the girl herself: this helps them subsequently become a good wife and mother.

Despite a very strict upbringing, Kyrgyzstan brides grow up very obstinate and in recent years are increasingly escaping from the control of elders. They are flirty, but constant, so they can spend time surrounded by a large number of fans, but their heart is often directed towards whom they have not yet managed to conquer. At the same time, they are not one of those who will torment themselves with hopeless, doomed relationship, or suffer from a lack of attention - not wanting to be constantly followed, they lose interest if the chosen one is too far from them. Not needing either a beloved commander or a meek slave, the brides will not give up sensitive, tactful guidance. Kyrgyzstan brides usually take an active life position, among them many feminists. Often, such women occupy leadership positions, become officials or start their own business. Kyrgyzstan wives ware never limited to household chores and caring for children and their health; the range of their interests is very, very wide. It is extremely important that a man spends enough time in conversations with them and is able to listen without interrupting.

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Some Secrets about Dating Kyrgyzstan Mail Order brides

Thinking about how to conquer a Kyrgyzstan girl (even in the framework of online correspondence), it is necessary to consider that at first you will most likely be rejected. Moreover, the refusal will be accompanied by harsh statements, possible rudeness. If the guy is not frightened by such behavior, he will be able to prove that he really wants to be near, then he will achieve the location of such a pretty lady.

  • To win the attention of a Kyrgyzstan female, you need to stand out, become a noticeable, popular personality. Well, if a guy is in demand among girls, but at the same time they single out one only;
  • You have to be honest. The lie will be exposed immediately. The Kyrgyzstan girl will cease to perceive the guy as an adequate partner if she is not sure of his sincerity;
  • It is important to have a good sense of humor. This will help to conquer Kyrgyzstan brides;
  • To conquer such a girl, it is necessary to sincerely show feelings, not to let her get bored, to show the strength of her character, to understand her;
  • It is important that in your power it was to take care of the future wife, to protect her;
  • The Kyrgyzstan girl will review a man who will become her companions and friend;
  • Remember that Kyrgyzstan brides are very touchy, therefore it is unacceptable to laugh at their feelings, it is important to believe in strength and ability, to support;
  • Give the chosen one compliments, give her presents. She will be happy to take any surprises, she will be happy for the holiday for no reason;
  • Kyrgyzstan brides cannot stand monotony, loneliness. Therefore, it is so important to constantly fuel the love of such a girl. If her feelings have cooled, you will not be able to return her. Therefore, you must act in time, make sure that the girl does not lose interest in your person;
  • Remember the romantic nature of Kyrgyzstan women. Although, at first glance, the girl may seem harsh, in fact, she wants understanding and warmth. Remember that, despite self-confidence, inside it can have many complexes. A man can conquer her, who will constantly point out her positive aspects, admire her perfection and beauty;
  • Be prepared for the fact that you can not completely turn such a lady into a housewife. She will not sit at home and wait for her beloved from work. Keep in mind that such girls are proud, freedom-loving;
  • To win such a young lady will be possible with the help of romantic deeds. Kyrgyzstan brides believe that love can do a lot. They expect non-standard actions, passions from their partners. Prove your masculinity, the ability to perform chivalrous acts, and it will be won;
  • Chant the beauty of your chosen one, but do not pass on flattery, otherwise you will fall out of favor. Remember that these girls are very jealous, so you should not give even a hint of interest in another woman. They do not forgive betrayal.

Do not be too intrusive. By such actions you will only lose interest in your person. No need to claim the Kyrgyzstan girl’s freedom, try to control her. And so, by virtue of her origin, it was too long under control!

Marriage tours to Kyrgyzstan: General Aspects

If you are going to marry a Kyrgyzstan girl, the most justified way is to contact a professional Kyrgyzstan dating agency. Marriage agencies help you to find a bride from the catalog or organize a marriage tour in Kyrgyzstan, where you have to make a choice yourself. Please note that a marriage tour will cost you more than 2500 euros. The marriage agency should also be selected according to the following recommendations:

  1. First of all, during the search, pay attention to experienced international dating agencies, if any, in your city. It is advisable that the agency have at least 4-5 years of experience;
  2. Carefully refer to the employee who represents the service when meeting with customers. If you don’t hear confidence in the voice, if the employee does not seem experienced enough for such skilled work, or if for other reasons you don’t feel confidence, it’s better to look for another option;
  3. It is important to learn about successful Kazakh women dating stories in the agency;
  4. A professional agency has an office or rents a room and is never based at home. If this agency is at home, you should not risk it;
  5. As a rule, a serious agency has its own website where you can read information about the style of the company and decide for yourself how much you like;
  6. Make sure that the company is officially registered - otherwise it may turn out that you are providing your data to random people who may not be at that place tomorrow;
  7. The company should have rules and conditions for registering customers - if they accept everyone in a row and indiscriminately, it’s worth considering. Typically, the requirements are the age of 18 years, the marital status is “single, divorced or widowed”.

It is important that the agency employs a qualified employee with special education who can professionally work with issues of personal life of people from different foreign countries, or a family international psychologist. A qualified lawyer is also welcome.

Final Thoughts

Kyrgyzstan mail order brides are the embodiment of fire and passion, an affair with one of them can be the most memorable event in a man’s life. She needs a high level of comfort, such a lady will not refuse the traditional attributes of a “beautiful life”. She is never bored with luxurious aromas, silk underwear, music and candlelight dinners. A good way to relieve stress or avoid nervous exhaustion for her is to actively move to the music, so regular visits to nightclubs or fitness centers are not a whim or a waste of money. If your chosen one is from Kyrgyzstan, do not console yourself with the hope that relations with her will develop easily and predictably. Such a woman is infinitely attractive, but equally complex; she will require attention, her husband will have to learn to share her emotions - strong, bright.

Step 1
Finding a Bride
Choose a reliable mail order website. There are hundreds of them; some are focused on Asian girls, some – on Russian. Read reviews about this website to be sure that it is not a fake for getting money from you.
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The Process
Create an account. Write some interesting information about yourself. It will help a bride you would like to chat with to make a first impression about you, so don’t ignore this step and approach this very attentively.
Step 3
Learn some information about the country, a girl from which you would like to meet here. This knowledge will help you be convinced of your choice and feel more confident. Try to view all girls that match your criteria before making the next step.
Step 4
Make a choice and write to a girl you like. There are no limits – you can write to as many girls as you wish.
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