Best prompts on where to meet women in 2020

Meeting hotties is one of the most difficult things for many guys. You might be successful in many areas, but approaching an attractive lady might still appear to be tough. Making the first step in the relationship is always challenging and risky, just accept it. In this post, we will help you become more confident and learn how to find brilliant females for both hookups and serious relationships. 

Where to meet single women for different types of relationships

Different guys use various ways to meet a new crush. Some of them prefer sticking to the night bars and hook up a sexy creature, while the others might be looking for love on courses and shopping malls. So, who is right? Are there any 100% effective ways to meet chicks? Below you will find the top ways to pick up a crush of your dreams. Feel free to try different methods to select the most fitting for you personally. 

How to meet a girl online? What should you do to meet women online?

Online dating sites are the hottest spots for meeting cute maids. There are lots of nice women of different age, appearance, style, preferences, and relationship goals. With such a wide choice of hotties, you will find your perfect match. However, to succeed in the area, it is essential to follow some unwritten rules everyone needs to know about:

  • Always upload your current photo. Forget about naked or semi-naked photos, shots with friends or pets. Find a good pic where you have a pleasant look. That’s the point. 
  • Take the initiative. Girls love to be contacted by guys. By the way, it is vital to be original and just don’t simply say “hi” to your lady. Otherwise, she might not even notice your message. 
  • Use the app regularly. After you’ve found a woman online, don’t disappear for a couple of days. It looks impolite, as well as your babe will think you are no longer interested. 
  • Tell the truth, and don’t forget about manners. Bad guys are hot only in movies. In real life, women prefer dating gentlemen and caring guys. 

Where to meet girls: with the help of your friends

According to recent data, there are still thousands of couples who have common friends. They met at the parties, blind dates, or just asked their mates about singles they know good. This method of meeting women is very popular and effective. Here are just a few ways to find a woman of your dreams among friends:

  • Have a big party and invite your friends with their friends. This will help you to meet dozens of new maids in a big group of mates who are likely to suit all your requirements. 
  • Ask some of your friends to arrange a blind date with a pretty woman who is known to be single. There are lots of ladies who will be glad to join a blind date. 

How to meet new girls at the local events?

Both small and big cities have offer tons of various events all year-round. This means you can find a place to go almost anytime. Weekends are the hottest time for different events, so you can easily schedule your dating activities for this period. Just take a look at the best places to make your social life brighter and find lots of girls:

  • Concerts of pop groups
  • Movies
  • Sports events
  • Singles parties
  • Speed dating
  • Cruises

The best places to meet women: where to start?

Where can I meet women? I don’t even know where to begin my dating adventure. The guys asking these questions are usually those who prefer a woman to take the initiative. Unfortunately, modern girls still prefer men to approach them. This means you need to learn how to establish connections with girls by yourself. Even in case you lack dating experience, you can easily boost the skills of attracting females. 

The great news is that you can find a smart and nice woman almost everywhere! The secret truth is the only thing you need to attract women is to be active and start conversations in good places and the fitting environment. Don’t lose your opportunity to meet beautiful maids and try these activities in the best places to meet women:

  • Become healthier. Sports and physical activities can give you tons of benefits. First, you will have better stamina and a good mood. Second, you can hook up a woman of your dreams in the gym or park while doing exercises. 
  • Relax. Studying and working is surely important. However, having fun is vital for keeping your body and mind healthy, too. Listening to live music, visiting various festivals, or going to the beach might be excellent options. 
  • Try nightlife. Where to go to meet girls? You can also hook up a perfect woman at bars, popular restaurants, and night clubs. 

Now, it’s time to learn more about each of these places and determine the best techniques for seducing girls.  

How to meet a girl at the club or night bar

Going to the night bar is considered to be one of the best ways to hook up a goddess-looking woman. To make you more successful in getting the girl’s number in the bar, just pay attention to these simple tips:

  • The easiest way to seduce a girl is to approach the woman who has eye contact and smiles at you. This means she is already interested in your candidature. 
  • Don’t take the process too seriously. You can hang out, chat, have a drink, and ask a few girls a number before you pick up the best one. It is absolutely normal to make mistakes and fail with dating the first few girls. You might just need more practice. 
  • Show off your interest first. Don’t ask your woman for a number before you’ve shown interest. Look at her, pay attention to her body language, and then decide whether you really like her. 

How to meet new girl with the help of speed dating

Speed dating is for busy guys. Being one of the most effective ways to meet a woman, speed dating continues to be popular for years. It is a real chance to meet a dozen of girls at the same time in the same place. You will have a couple of minutes to chat with each woman and then select the only one you liked the most. Girls will also need to choose the males whom they preferred the most. In case you match, you can ask your crush for the real date. Don’t hope to pick up a hottie from the first time - you might need to visit a couple of blind dates before you get a match. 

Dance classes: one of the best places to meet singles

This is a very hot and promising spot for lonely men. Many guys underestimate this method of meeting girls or just feel ashamed of learning how to dance. However, many classes that offer salsa, bachata, rumba, and other types of dance often lack male partners. This means there are many females but a few males there. But note: there is one rule you should follow without any exclusions while picking up girls on dance classes. Avoid showing off your real intentions. Just learn how to dance and wait for the natural chemistry to appear between you and your partner. 

How to meet girls in the shopping mall

Shopping malls are always crowded with super sexy women. Some of them are just shopping around, while the others have a rest in the small cafes in the mall. You can easily grab the attention of the chosen woman in the shopping center. So, remember this easy trick. There are lots of different retail outlets, where both male and female clothes are sold out. You can take just a few t-shirts and ask an attractive woman shopping nearby to help you. In most cases, she will not refuse. You can also invent your own winning combinations to attract females in the shopping center easily. 

How to find girls? Visit coffee shop

The coffee shop is an excellent solution for those who want to find a bookish and intelligent woman. In most cases, single girls, who visit coffee shops, are calm, sincere, and not very talkative. Note: it is better not to approach a woman who is actively typing something on her laptop - she might be working or studying. Don’t disturb such a girl not to get rejected right at once. However, in case you see a woman who is just daydreaming or smiling at you, it’s time for action. Just take another cup of coffee and ask your crush whether you can join her. Don’t be pushy and avoid sticking to the lady in case she doesn’t want to communicate with you. If you are lucky to initiate a conversation, make it slow and friendly. 

Picking up a woman in the gym

Meeting a lady in the gym is also possible. There are many couples who met in the gym and are now going in for sports together. Talking to a woman is easy - just ask her about her training or the techniques she finds the most effective. It is better not to tell her any advice about her own training if the lady hasn’t asked you anything about it. This might look intrusive. Furthermore, many guys believe girls will approach them because of their big muscles and perfect body. However, it is a common mistake lots of men make. Taking the initiative is only your job. 

How to meet women at weddings

Almost any wedding has a ceremony and afterparty. When it comes to meeting girls, the ceremony is not the best option. All the attention is grabbed by the newlyweds, so you can hardly find a crash who will be ready to communicate with you. However, most weddings transform into hot and crazy parties after 11 p.m. This is your high point. There are lots of friends of the fiancee who are feeling fun, happy, and inspired by the wedding. Initiating new contacts and dancing together after a couple of cocktails might become the beginning of something bigger. Always accept invitations to weddings since there are always many attractive girls there. 

The best way to meet women: on a class or course

A hobby is often your key to success when searching for a woman of your dreams. There are tons of courses or classes in any area available in any city. By the way, if you appear to be one of the few guys in a class, you are likely to be treated as something special. Avoid showing off your real intentions and try to dedicate yourself to a hobby not to look suspicious. Just have a nice time and forget about dating for a while. 

Volunteer work: is it worth trying? 

Volunteering is an excellent way to find a girlfriend for guys with big and noble hearts. In case you want to help someone for free and don’t mind spending time taking care of something or someone, this type of meeting new people is right for you. Male volunteers are often treated by women as real gentlemen, so you have extremely high chances to impress girls without any extra efforts. 

Book signing: is it a good way to meet girls in 2020? 

In case you really enjoy reading and have a couple of favorite authors among the modern ones, it might be a good option. You can talk to any girl you meet when waiting to sign a book and ask her about her favorite characters, authors, and books. However, if you are not an active reader and have no idea about the modern trends in literature, it is better to look for a woman in another place. 

How to approach women in real life

Thousands of guys still believe that pretty girls are often asked a number by lots of guys. The truth is that most of them are not. Moreover, many ladies are feeling desperate to find a man who will suit all her parameters. To make her feel interested, just try to be confident, friendly, and easy-going. Don’t stop trying if you faced a few rejections in a row. 

Get her attention before approaching

Many guys often start talking to a lady without grabbing her attention. This is the main reason for their failure - a girl appears not to be ready for the conversation. You will need to do the opposite - make sure a girl has noticed you and is giving non-verbal signs she is interested in your personality. This is the best time to start your conversation. 

State the obvious things to succeed

If your crash is busy working with her laptop or chatting with a friend, you still can pick her up. But, you will need to let your woman know that you understand she is busy at this very moment. Just say something like, “Sorry, I see you are busy know, but I wanted to ask..” This makes her feel you respect her busyness but can’t stand her incredible charm. Although it is easier said than done, the method is very effective.

Introduce yourself

This part of the conversation is not the most difficult one. You can just introduce yourself after a short chat, and wait for your girl to tell her name, too. If a woman refuses to tell her name, it is a red flag that she is not opened for communication. It is better to wish her a good day and leave. Avoid being too persistent, and don’t spend your time trying to convince a girl to continue your communication. You are not likely to win, but will just while the time away for nothing. 

How to meet women online and in real life? Keep the conversation going

To make your communication easy-going, it is necessary to keep a balance in your conversation. Girls don’t like to answer lots of questions asked by the man they hardly know. That is why don’t hesitate to talk a bit more about yourself rather than overwhelming your crush with tons of questions. It will not look selfish but is the more productive way to know each other better. Your woman should feel comfortable when talking to you and get all the information she needs about your personality. 


The steps you make in real-life conditions might be different from the ones described above. Try to follow your intuition and listen to your gut. This way, you are likely to find a woman you have always been dreaming about for the whole life. Furthermore, if some methods are not working for you, it is better to experiment with different dating techniques. Some methods might appear to be completely failing, while others can easily make you a start in picking up girls. Choose the one that makes you succeed the most and enjoy meeting new maids.

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