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France is literally in thrall to the female beauty, and even its national symbol is represented in form of a sculptural image of a woman. The bust of Marianne, a hot French girl whose noble and proud face serves as a hallmark of the French revolution, is situated nowadays in every official institution of this country.  

Men from all over the world admire hot French women who never get too fat, are good at sex and cooking and know how to bring up children. And, at the same time, these brides always remain damn attractive ladies. 

The most famous French sexy women - Brigitte Bardot, Catherine Deneuve, Sophie Marceau - are the embodiment of the impeccable beauty. You can learn the art of living from these French women as well. Like many beautiful ladies in France, they take life surprisingly easy. They don’t like to discuss their problems overcoming all obstacles on their way with a smile. This is what makes French mail order brides the most attractive women.

Sexy French women from the exterior 

All brides of France - be it a housewife or an owner of a large company - are endowed by nature with a sense of taste and style. Even the young hottest French girls know how to look after themselves. These brides would never ignore peeled nail polish, say nothing of leaving the house with their hair messy or following the fashion trends blindly. French women know how to emphasize the advantages and hide the problems.  

Starting from the age of 30, hot sexy French women visit beauty salons. These brides buy high-quality clothes and shoes of the expensive brands, appreciate comfort and convenience and would never stand on high heels. These are usually married French women. Many extravagant brides who are most often single French women create their personal style not ignoring popular fashion magazines. 

However, sexy ladies in France who are older than 50 years are really fascinating. Most of them are very fit since these women visit dance schools and fitness clubs, they’re elegant and well-groomed. Ladies of this age would not for all the world wear clothes for old women. As long as their figure allows it to them, there will be only youthful stuff in their wardrobes. Looking good is important for these French women.  

Most French brides are not fans of aesthetic medicine, and they defend the natural beauty desperately. Modern actresses are striking examples of this, and Charlotte Gainsbourg is among them. After all, a French bride has sex appeal by default at any age.

Few clever women would think to invest in botox or other expensive cosmetic procedures. Sexy French brides just don’t need it, they don’t focus narrowly on it. Many of them devote more time to sports and personal development. Therefore, at the age of 50, a French woman has the appearance that is not spoiled by cosmetologists and hairdressers. 

Every sexy French woman feels the edge of years perfectly, that’s why you will never see an older woman in a mini skirt on the streets of Paris. However, you may often meet French women at the age of 70 with a perfect hairstyle, transparent nail polish, dressed in elegant clothes and wearing shoes with a small heel. 

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Sexy French women inside

A trim figure, a sense of style and natural makeup - these are not all features that distinguish French brides from other representatives of the fair sex. The main thing that makes them so special is the mirror of the soul - their eyes. The hottest French women look at people around them quite confidently and tenaciously. These brides have a kind of inner strength, the very core which is so much talked about, but no one has seen it.

Along with this energy and intelligence, there’s some coldness in French brides, as if a piece of ice from the Snow Queen clouded their eyes accidentally. Outwardly, single French women are indeed the Snow Queens with perfect manners and smiling faces. 

Such brides prefer to keep others at a distance. The goodwill of French women may be easily mistaken for a manifestation of friendship or sympathy at least. In reality, however, French brides don’t rush to let strangers into their territory. At the same time, hot French girls don’t suffer from high self-esteem, they are not focused on themselves too much and never get depressed.  

French women are quite emancipated, that’s why these brides share all rights and duties with men. For instance, sitting in a restaurant with a man, a bride would pay for herself and can even cover the bill completely. The same goes for a French family life. Cooking, clean-up, washing and childcare - brides from France would share all this with a husband. A French woman would never wear an apron, and, in general, she does all household chores quite easily. 

What does a French bride dream of?

Any bride is characterized by her wishes. A French woman has several of them. This bride wants:

  • To feel her beauty and be the most fashionable woman of the world;
  • Remain natural, preferably without any makeup (though worries about maintaining makeup should not prevent this woman from having sex with her lover at any time she would like);
  • To have stunning lingerie under the upper clothes (for the same reason); 
  • To be fit (subtlety is above all for a French woman!); 
  • To feel free about her intimate life not limiting herself with any age range;
  • To watch a lot of French erotic movies (brides from France just love it) and to derive pleasure from it; 
  • To be free between the sheets and call things by their names (this is the only way to discover the truth about hot French man’s preferences and to make their own brides’ fantasies come true).

A French bride is ready to tolerate the love affairs of her beloved partner if she doesn’t see any clear evidence thereof. Far worse for her is the lack of common interests and disrespect on the part of her man. A French bride is happy when she knows that her partner is proud of her and is ready to share his joys and sorrows with her.  

A married French woman is like a state within a state   

French women try not to bind themselves with family ties before they reach the age of 35. These brides like romantic relationships. But when they cross that line, they turn on the fast-forward mode - a new romance, pregnancy, wedding…  In such a way, these brides catch up ten years within half a year. 

In her family, a French woman is like a state within a state. This bride will set the tone in a relationship: she can direct her man and bring up children. If a marriage is successful, French brides don’t stop at one baby, they give birth to at least two children, and even three and five. It all depends on the religiosity of a French bride and the material wealth.  

Family traditions 

Like single brides, a French married woman is extremely proud of her roots. A French bride can easily tell you about her family membership since the times of Queen Margot. Indeed, the kindred blood is very important for many French residents. The families of relatives live always in the neighbourhood and help each other. An avalanche of adoration descends on the youngest members of numerous families.

French children don’t usually rush to leave their homes after reaching majority. They live with their parents before marriage instead. They often bring their brides or grooms into the house and live together beneath the same roof.   

What do children mean to a French bride?

Nowadays, France is one of the most emancipated countries in the world. That’s why French women don’t like to waste time for maternity leave. 3 or 6 months after the birth of a child these women already rush to their workplaces. 80% of French brides of working age can maintain the family on the same basis as men. Children are usually left with the relatives of the older generation or in kindergartens of various specializations (foreign languages, art, etc.).     

French brides would pay great attention to the individuality of their children, to the revealing of their skills and formation of a personality. The parents’ task is to raise an exemplary family person and law-abiding citizen who will be a full member of French society. 

The French brides start educating their kids since the first years of life. Children are taught to speak correctly and quickly at special schools, and they have all conditions for holistic development. Moreover, members of all generations participate in making family plans. All wishes are taken into consideration, whether they come from a child or old grandparents.  

Married French women are sure that their children should be brought up with a firm hand. For example, they don’t think they have to interrupt any activity to listen to a child or to pamper him or her. It’s not psychological cruelty of a French woman, it’s just a social norm.   

French children learn to choose the right time for a conversation and know how to be inventive to attract attention. French mothers don’t hesitate to make observations concerning their kids’ foolishness, bad taste, bad manners, inappropriate behaviour and negligence in clothing. 

French children cannot even open the refrigerator when they want to eat, take a car without parents’ permission, disobey their father or mother, or run the house when the adults are absent.  

It is thanks to a good upbringing that French mail order brides feel confident and unique. The etiquette rules are learned by them from the cradle. Their behaviour in public places is always perfect. 

Who cooks in a French family?

French brides often charge man with the cooking. Hot French women cultivate their husbands’ confidence in being great cooks, that’s why they always get really tasty food. 

As the French strive to be the best at everything, they cook nice indeed. They can perfectly combine appetizers, main dishes, desserts and different sorts of wine without which you just can’t imagine a French family dinner. And the breakfast in France is supposed to be served by the mistress of the house, that’s why she has to get up quite early before going to work.  

Canons of personal life

Perhaps, there’s no more withdrawn people when it comes to personal life than French brides. They would never allow strangers to know about flaws and quarrels in their relationships. You will never hear any complaints about their spouses from French men or women. 

The sex education starts early in this country, that’s why the attitude to sex is quite simple. This makes French women hot and incredibly sexy, and these brides are considered to be the best partners for romantic relationships.

French marriages are effected on the basis of mutual love that bursts into flame quite often. After all, the French brides are incredibly emotional and liberated. However, it’s improper to leave the family in France. Most marriages are sanctified by the church.

Sexual games 

The sexiest French women are incredibly emancipated and well-grounded in intimate life, that’s why these brides don’t hesitate to tell the partner about their feelings and wishes. They consider sex to be an integral part of life, a natural reason for a relationship, and not a kind of reward for a certain kind of behaviour.  

It’s noteworthy that in 14% of French couples a man is much younger than a woman.  In 10% of cases, the age difference amounts up to ten years. The confidence of the sexiest French women and their love for themselves at any age cannot but cause admiration.

However, French women have undeservedly acquired a reputation for sexually spoiled ladies. In fact, an average French family is quite conservative. You can meet French girls who are 20 years old and have never had sex with a man.  

Paying one’s addresses to a friend’s wife or a daughter is considered to be unacceptable in French culture. Such behaviour is regarded as betrayal. That’s why men have to be careful when talking to daughters of the French people even if they’re far more than 50 years old. 

Where can you meet French singles?

It’s not difficult to meet a French bride in the age of globalization. You can go on an excursion through the cities of France or visit French Riviera. However, these “bride tours”  require money, time and a certain mood. It’s much easier to go on the Internet and run a search on French dating sites with beautiful brides. 

The search engine will offer you several relevant resources with French brides. You should test each platform and then register on the most comfortable and reputable one. This will be your start in French women dating. You will have to go through several stages to meet a French bride. And you should follow the unwritten rules of behaviour on a French dating website. 

The correct selection of the picture

The main photo in your profile is your calling card. It should attract the views of French women. If you want to find French brides for marriage rather quickly, you should pay maximum attention to the quality of your picture. During the photoshoot, use the following life hacks:  

  • Look straight into the camera; 
  • Smile (brides are attracted by smiling faces);
  • Use natural light;
  • Make sure that your clothes and hair are in order (any bride likes well-groomed men);
  • Use a simple background that won’t draw attention away from the picture.

Add some more photos for a French woman to look at. Here are some tips:

  • All pictures should be clear, without retouching and Photoshop processing; a French bride you’re looking for should see you as you are;  
  • Black-and-white photos are used by 3% of members of online dating only, and these pictures attract 106 times more attention (!) than color images;
  • Group photos or landscapes wouldn’t impress a French woman.

Relevance is desirable, though. And one more thing: treat French girls dating as an adventure - just take it easy. 

The art of self-presentation  

To attract a bride, your verbal portrait should be: 

  • True; 
  • Non-standard (avoid cliches - French women don’t like them); 
  • Creative (come up with a romantic nickname);
  • Far from being pompous (leave beautiful phrases to teenagers). 

The success in dating French women depends largely on the accurateness and honesty with which you describe your expectations. Work on your profile constantly. If you notice the decreasing of interest on the part of French women, change your photos, descriptions and interests. In this case, your profile will always look fresh. Newcomers take center stage, it’s a well-known fact. 

The active search for brides

A dating site will offer you several tools that can help you meet a French girl of your dream. Use the whole arsenal including personal messages, emails, blog posts, chats and phone calls. Communicate with brides! Don’t forget about compliments for women (it’s possible to start with a short “you look hot”).    

Don’t waste your time on French brides and ladies who are not interesting to you or who don’t respond to your messages. Looking for the other half, avoid inactive profiles of French women. Visit the dating site of French brides daily. View your email, respond to the incoming messages, send greetings, review profiles. But still, don’t hang out on a brides’ site around the clock. 

The offline meeting 

Don’t delay meeting French women in real life. Please note that there’s a great number of competitors on a dating site, where 40-60 users are always active. They are also looking for French brides actively. 

Meet in person those French brides you like and trust. Don’t wait until there will be chemistry between your bride and you. These feelings may appear only when you meet a French woman in person.  

Once you understand that a French bride is perfect for marriage, arrange a date with her. To start with, you may choose Skype or other software that allows communicating using a video stream.  

Step 1
Finding a Bride
Choose a reliable mail order website. There are hundreds of them; some are focused on Asian girls, some – on Russian. Read reviews about this website to be sure that it is not a fake for getting money from you.
Step 2
The Process
Create an account. Write some interesting information about yourself. It will help a bride you would like to chat with to make a first impression about you, so don’t ignore this step and approach this very attentively.
Step 3
Learn some information about the country, a girl from which you would like to meet here. This knowledge will help you be convinced of your choice and feel more confident. Try to view all girls that match your criteria before making the next step.
Step 4
Make a choice and write to a girl you like. There are no limits – you can write to as many girls as you wish.
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Try your luck 

Now you see that it’s not a problem to find a French bride. How to date - that’s not a question anymore! A French bride is not a closed book, it’s rather a book you’ll have to open and read it correctly. Make an effort - and nothing will prevent you from being happy!  

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