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Cape Verde women from the country of women

Are you a single, widowed or divorced man, looking for a soul mate? Do you want to break with the loneliness that weighs on your daily life and you feel the need to found a real home? In this case, you should get acquainted with the most relaxed and happy women (yes, many people think that they are these persons) — Сape Verde women, known also for their good health, open mind, sense of humor and loyalty. This woman, whose picture you will fist see in a catalog of one of Cape Verde women dating sites, will accompany you on the path of life bringing you, joy, happiness, and serenity.

When people start speaking about Сape Verde, many of them are smiling as this is the safest and the most relaxed country in Africa. However, many beautiful Сape Verdean women become mail-order brides — they are looking for a marriage with a foreign husband. It might be strange for some Americans and Western men: why do these ladies wish to leave Cape Verde is everything there is so calm and quiet? If you are also among those guys, who are interested in a dating with a beautiful Cape Verde woman, read the review on this country and its females.

Meet charming Cape Verde women

Cape Verde women are very attractive — most of the girls living in Cape Verde are creoles. Their correct and expressive facial features are vivid confirmation that the children of mixed couples are very cute. A resident of Cape Verde, like the real daughter of her country, is a tropical cocktail, bright, multi-layered, exotic and unpredictable. Beautiful creole hair is the dream of many lovers all over the world.

Like the inhabitants of Africa, islanders are very fond of weaving intricate pigtails. It is hard to believe how many bizarre patterns of weaves and parting can fit on your head! Labyrinths from one pigtail in a circle to the very top of the head, zigzags, parallel pigtails all over the head or funny islands, pigtails with woven flowers and ribbons ... Such hairstyles have been worn from kindergarten age, and they go to almost everyone.

For many Western men (and women, for sure) such a hairstyle is more likely exotic, then for locals, it is casual. If you need a solemn and glamorous look, pigtails are braided and laid in waves or hair is twisted into high hairstyles, a tail. Having a healthy and thick head of hair, a Cape Verde woman, as a rule, does not make fashionable haircuts and does not even experiment with bangs. Classics are the main trend in the widest brides’ circles. Therefore, in the local hairdressing salon, they get a massage, style hair and trim the ends. Cape Verde women do not turn to the local stylists' services with a request to make a graphic square with a short bang. The idea of ​​coloring hair with strands of highlighting will seem to these girls most sacrilegious. Therefore, the most attractive Сape Verde women never make dramatic changes in their appearance — they even use natural oils and herbs instead of creams and other cosmetics.

Those, who are going to meet Сape Verde islands women, will be conquered with their natural charm, happiness, open hearts and smiles, they are giving generously even for a stranger.

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Life of Сape Verde women

Сape Verde women are very friendly and beautiful. Do not be surprised that one day it will happen that you talk about life with a young woman, perhaps make friends and you will be invited to visit. If you really decide to visit this country and your pretty Сape Verde woman, you will see that the island life proceeds slowly, all visitors involuntarily adjust to this rhythm, becoming calmer and even happier. So the leisurely lifestyle of the islands becomes familiar to men, who decide to stay at least several days with their beautiful Cape Verde women.

The official language of Cape Verde is Portuguese. From a mixture of Portuguese and African, various dialects were formed. Almost the entire population — Creoles — are descendants of mixed marriages of Africans and the Portuguese who discovered the islands. The islanders are very musical, many, if not all, play musical instruments, and certainly sing. Without exaggeration, spending free time with music can be called a national tradition. Here you can always hear “Besame Mucho” - a song written in the first half of the 20th century in Mexico, but on Cape Verde, it sounds like its own, dear, with an unrivaled romantic national color. The emotional charge fascinates every man, regardless of whether he understands the language in which the song is performed. Everyone feels it. Even Сape Verdean women sing these songs — it is almost like a tradition.

The most relaxed African women

Сape Verde women are calm and feel relaxed. They do live according to the slogan “No stress”, which is today is a traditional motto of the Cape Verde Islands. It is pronounced at a meeting and goodbye, used in conversation, printed on T-shirts. Almost everywhere, no matter what island you are resting on, either on someone or in a store window will certainly see a T-shirt with the inscription “No stress!” Your Cape Verde bride will also show you that you must not worry, and it attracts so many people, especially foreigners that live under pressure of stressful situations every day. The atmosphere of calm leaves its mark on interest in the Internet, this does not mean that it is not there, it just does not enjoy much popularity, and people communicate live. Wi-Fi networks are paid everywhere, even in large hotels. Thus, it can happen that Cape Verde brides will not appear in video chats often — try to convince your Cape Verde female that communication is needed if she wants to see you as her husband.

Why do Cape Verde women become mail-order brides?

These ladies are charming and seem to be very happy and relaxed, but many Cape Verde brides take a decision to search for their happiness abroad, in the USA or in Europe. It can be explained by the desire to change a life, but these ladies really deserve these changes.

In reality, women there are tired to give birth to kids almost every year. Mostly Catholics live in this country, and they are great believers, so, as a rule, they do not use any contraceptives. Women of Cape Verde can have up to 12 kids and even more. Very often, their children have different fathers as men there are not in a hurry to marry a woman after she tells her boyfriend about her pregnancy. These women must work for 10-18 hours a day to feed their kids, and sometimes, even their grandchildren. They do everything to support their kids and even steal sand as it is very expensive there (it is used in construction). Due to the greatest demographic boom, many houses are being built, so the companies really need too much sand. Women started selling the sand they steal from the beach to construction companies. At the risk of their own life, they go into the sea (deep), get sand out, pack it into the baskets and then carry these baskets downtown, where the buyers are waiting for them. Naturally, this way of life cannot be called a happy dream, so that Cape Verde brides want one thing: to feel being women again, and to enjoy love and life.

Step 1
Finding a Bride
Choose a reliable mail order website. There are hundreds of them; some are focused on Asian girls, some – on Russian. Read reviews about this website to be sure that it is not a fake for getting money from you.
Step 2
The Process
Create an account. Write some interesting information about yourself. It will help a bride you would like to chat with to make a first impression about you, so don’t ignore this step and approach this very attentively.
Step 3
Learn some information about the country, a girl from which you would like to meet here. This knowledge will help you be convinced of your choice and feel more confident. Try to view all girls that match your criteria before making the next step.
Step 4
Make a choice and write to a girl you like. There are no limits – you can write to as many girls as you wish.
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How can you meet your Cape Verde bride?

Have you ever dreamed about a beautiful, caring, happy African woman that can give you cute children? These are Cape Verve women! They are very easy to communicate, and most of them are Catholics. They speak Portuguese, but many Cape Verde brides know English. If you want to find single Сape Verde mail order brides, the best way for you is to register in a trusted agency dealing with marriage services.

It will allow you to consult hundreds of certified profiles and advertisements of gorgeous Сape Verde women that are in search for their foreign husband. All these African women from Cape Verde are looking for a single man (the soul mate), to live a beautiful love story. They are dreaming of a life with an honest and trustworthy American or European man, with whom they will share love and complicity, in the good and the worst moments of life. By their culture, their maturity and simply their often difficult life, Cape Verde brides prefer a Western man. These women of Сape Verde are obviously looking for a better life and a different social level.

Meanwhile, everyone is looking for this and there is no need to leave your country to meet them. So forget the money side, because in case of a blow your Cape Verde bride that will become your wife will be the first to support you while many others will turn their backs. Most often African women have this joy of living, very communicative that sometimes can disconcert us. Do not be afraid to tell your bride what you like, what bothers you, but do not try to make turn her into a European woman or an American lady; it will only work for a while.

Dating your Cape Verde bride to marry her later

Another continent, another way of life! This is not to be taken lightly, it is necessary to think about it before beginning a process of meeting with Cape Verde brides. You will quickly see that, the African women are very direct and do not take a glove to tell you what they think. That does not mean that Сape Verde girls do not respect you, it's just part of their culture.

From your first meeting, the Cape Verde bride will be close and caring for you and will make your life a heaven of peace that you can enjoy in all circumstances. A united family with a woman, your African wife, sincere, faithful, always present who will support you throughout your life is possible. So do not hesitate to start a relationship with Cape Verde brides online, to choose your perfect lady from these possible wives. Meet one or more Cape Verde brides safely to create later a great family, it's possible! Later, the agency can help you in organizing your trip meeting Сape Verde singles.

Curious facts about Cape Verde and women there

Cape Verde is a country of strong people. Either people, especially women survive there or roll down. Humor always helps, because without laughter their life will only be a struggle.

  • Time ago, nobody lived on it at all, until the islands became the transshipment base of the slave traders. Sick and dying slaves were left here who could not stand sailing from Africa to America.
  • Cape Verde is dry land, an ocean, and stones. Cane and fruit grow on some islands. The ocean gives people food, and now even water for drinking: women of this country, who do not work are responsible for bringing water home.
  • Many Cape Verde women tell fortune. People believe that these ladies can predict their future, and come to them. This is one of the ways to make money for women there.
  • Young girls go to the cities for a better life or they go overseas and become mail-order brides.
  • Cape Verde is called a country of women. Men go to work in America and Europe. In August, they visit the house. Then there are noisy parties and even a mini-carnival everywhere — a holiday for those who come home and the opportunity to show their costume leftover from the winter.
  • Carnival is the main event of the year. Each family wants to send at least one person, often a child or a pretty bride to the holiday. They cut a pig that they raised all year, and they sew a chic costume with the money they earned. It may not be enough for textbooks, but carnival is sacred.
  • Women there live long as they support a healthy lifestyle.
  • Music is like air for all of them. Everyone sings, from tramps to celebrities.
  • Until Chinese shops appeared, almost everyone went barefoot, and a pair of good shoes for a woman can be taken as a great gift. Despite it, these ladies like to dance and they love life very much.

Cape Verde woman meeting: you realize a dream

To meet a Cape Verde bride is to live with a woman with a thousand riches, with obvious family values. The words solidarity and respect for the ancients take all their meanings. Her culture is an inexhaustible source of discoveries, wonders. You better understand where her natural grace, innate elegance, unadorned beauty come from. You are happy to attend her girls' chats where a hairstyle, a simple jewel or a new fragrance will be able to change your next evening into a torrent of sensations.

Sharing life with one of charming Cape Verde brides offers you trips that change the perception of the world. When you visit his country of your possible wife, you might live among her friends, family, close people. That's when you find yourself rich in the little you have, and even richer in the wonders you share. It is a very surprising fact that it is quite difficult to live without distancing oneself from one's daily life. To meet a bride from Cape Verde is to enlarge her horizon, culture, her sensitivity. You will learn her universe, she will discover yours. If comical situations are revealed in the cinema in happy fictions, you will soon realize that reality can also offer you very beautiful moments of life. Whether in the USA, Europe or in Cape Verde, families experience joys, births, and parties, but also sentences during which the word solidarity takes on its full meaning. You will be amazed to find out that your family is a true value for both of you and your future children.

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