11 reasons why men should Date with Swedish women

Swedish beauties are like charming statues of goddesses with beautifully shaped forms. Their natural beauty does not need any makeup. With light brown hair and blue eyes, long legs and high breasts, shy but smiling, they can instantly turn the head of any man. It’s no wonder that Swedish girls often appear on the centre spread of Playboy.

As for Sweden mail order brides, they are the embodiment of the best qualities of the fair sex of Northern Europe. In any case, this is the opinion of people who use the services of international dating sites. According to them, Swedish singles have the sincerity of Norwegian women, the cheerful disposition of Danish ladies and the reasonableness of Finnish girls. 

The outward restraint does not prevent Sweden lady from behaving in a relaxed and sexy way, and the strength of the Nordic character is surprisingly combined with dreamy thoughtfulness and poetic grace. It will just suffice to mention the Sweden last names! Some of them like Sjokvist (which means “sea branch”) or Ljungstrom (“heather stream”) sound like words from a romantic ballad.

11 main advantages of Sweden women

A magnificent iceberg that shines in the sun and melts in the rays of love - this is how you can figuratively describe a Swedish female. Outwardly cold, these Northern queens are capable of hot feelings in the hands of an experienced man. Apart from that, there are at least 11 proofs that Swedish women are ideal for marriage.

#1. Tolerance and friendliness to foreigners

Women of Sweden do not dislike the representatives of other nations. Of course, they don't get filled with admiration for people who elbow their way to the smorgasbord or ignore the queue for the ski lift. However, Swedish women are quite easy on such divergences from the norm, and that attitude indicates their propensity for tolerance and even-tempered demeanor.

Traveling the world, these women try to stay away from the locals. It’s only because private space is highly valued in Swedish culture. In fact, they are looking at strangers with genuine curiosity through the lens of a video camera. The oddities and soft spots of foreigners do not repel Swedish women, they just perceive it as funny peculiarities.

#2. Compliant behavior of girls of Sweden

This character trait is called “undfallenhet” in Swedish and is expressed in a tendency to give in to pressure. Unlike their Viking forebears who were confrontational even in the banalest disputes, the modern Swedish women do their best to avoid conflicts.

A Swedish woman regards compliance as the most reasonable and far-sighted strategy. Even if she speaks ten languages, she can't say no in any of them. However, complaisance should not be confused with the lightheartedness. A proud Swedish woman is ready to show firmness and uncompromising attitude if faced with injustice and shamelessness.  

#3. The artlessness of Swedish brides 

Having found a girl on a Swedish dating site, you will quickly understand that pretence is absolutely uncharacteristic of her. She will not pretend to be delighted, grind out compliments or flatter on online dates. If she is angry about something, you will not see a forced indifference or a perfunctory smile on her face. She will speak directly about everything that is in her heart.

If a Swedish bride says “Good to see you again!” or “I will be happy to meet you again!”, these are not just fluent phrases, but an expression of true feelings. Be sure that such a girlfriend will not store up resentments and will never make a fuss over a trifle.

#4. Moderation is the key to the character of women of Sweden

This trait of character was inherited by Swedish women from their Viking ancestors, who liked to sit around the fire with a horn of heady honey. The horn was passed from hand to hand by the warriors. Although they were thirsty after their labors, they sipped a little from the horn, so that it would not be empty before each of the men-at-arms had drunk his due share. This friendly drinking revel was called “laget om”, and later it was shortened to the word “lagom”.   

In modern Swedish, it means “enough” (or “fairly”) and has now become a symbol (and even a synonym) of Swedish moderation.

This concept permeates the entire life of a Swedish woman and helps her smooth things over. It allows her to find the golden mean between the desire for material well-being and spiritual harmony. In the style of clothing and interior, “lagom” means abandoning excessive glare and showiness in favor of a calm and restrained aesthetic.

When it comes to the relationships with people, there is a moderation bordering on conformism which prevents the manifestation of any individual superiority. That's why Swedish women are so surprisingly calm, happy with themselves and unassuming to other people. In short, “lagom” - that is, moderation and restraint - is the basis of a Swedish woman's character. This rare quality is the key to the serenity of family happiness.

#5. Sexual liberation

As a rule, beautiful Swedish women are self-confident and have a very liberal attitude towards sex. Before marriage, girls enjoy romantic relationships with men giving free rein to their feminine nature.

In sex, Swedish women are absolutely free and open-minded. They have no taboos in this area. They worship easy natural sex regarding it as a powerful antidote to unhealthy social phenomena like prostitution etc. It is noteworthy that sex education in Swedish schools is mandatory and has been included in school curricula for many decades.

By the age of 30-40 - the age of marriage - Swedish chicks cut eye-teeth and become more discerning when it comes to the relationships. Many of them could describe themselves in the words of Swedish-born Hollywood star Ingrid Bergman: “I went my way from a saint to a whore and back again”.

At the same time, any contact - whether friendly or sexual - is analyzed thoroughly by Swedish women. The questions like “Did it feel good?”, “What can we do to make it go better next time?” - are perceived as quite natural ones.

A Swedish woman will not be discouraged at all by a man's request for additional (extravagant) sexual services. When a Swedish lady sends her foreign lover away after a passionate night with the exclamation “Hej!" (which in Swedish can mean both "Hello! "and "Goodbye!"), the man's heart begins to beat faster at the thought that his night girlfriend has a desire to experience all the love joys again.

#6. Independence of Swedish brides

If you go to a restaurant with a Swedish woman, she will pay for herself. The fact is that these ladies can not stand to be beholden to someone or feel dependent on someone. They feel helpless when men take over all decisions and give them instructions. They strive to do everything together with their spouses, be it work, raising children or doing household chores.

Marriage does not end a Swedish lady's career, neither it deprives her of her own bank account. However, a man can take advantage of this feminist position. Unlike Eastern European families, where the husband usually gives all his salary to his wife, in the Swedish family, the husband may only part with two-thirds of his earnings.

#7. The reasonableness of Swedish women in the upbringing of children

Swedish women do not become enslaved to their children. In a Mediterranean country, a young mother uses both slaps and kisses in her teaching practice. However, such education is unthinkable in Sweden. In this country, no one will ever think of giving children slaps on the head and then smother them with embraces.

Swedish mothers absolutely reject this kind of inconsistency. Besides, the Swedish law prohibits giving children slaps in the face. Instead of such ineffective means of correcting behavior, Swedish women use persuasion and personal example.

#8. Love for nature 

Being herself in any situation is among the main life values of a Swedish woman. More than anything else, she values nature in all its aspects. Perhaps this is why Swedish women are the world's greatest lovers of nature, including the wild.

They are not afraid of hordes of mosquitoes, venomous snakes, noisy rivers and high rocks. They do not need the azure coast with a developed beach infrastructure for recreation. Hardy and accustomed to sports from childhood, a Swedish woman wouldn’t mind to try herself as Robinson Crusoe on some unspoilt island. 

#9. The hospitality of Swedish ladies

There is no greater pleasure for a Swedish woman than to receive a foreign guest. She would do anything for him. Swedish home feasts are not impromptu gatherings. The hostess carefully prepares for the reception of guests: the day before, she starts a big cleaning up and spends the whole day in the kitchen showing the wonders of culinary art.   

By custom, there should be more food than guests may consume. This is done so that none of the guests will think that they got the last piece of salmon, fillet or dessert. There must be something left on trays and saucers. 

The final part of the feast in Sweden is a real confectionary madness. The hostess sets out the table with all sorts of cupcakes and sweet pies sprinkled with green marzipan or sliced almonds, vanilla buns and puffs with strawberry jam (for some reason these are called "grandma's cough"). There is no shortage of drinks as well. The Swedish hostess firmly adheres to the belief that once a bottle of aquavit is opened, it should no longer meet with a cork. 

#10. The subtlety of mind of a Swedish woman 

The intellectual abilities of Swedish women are manifested in their vocabulary most notably. Put bluntly, it is not rich, but it can be distinguished by the "Magnificent Seven" - words that accurately convey the intensity of love feelings and the degree of intimacy with a man:

  • “Mambo” - a bachelor who lives in his parents’ house;
  • “Sarbo” - someone who has a female partner but prefers to live separately from her;
  • “Sambo” - someone who lives with his female partner without entering into marriage;
  • “Gift” - a man who is in a registered marriage, that is, married according to all the rules;
  • “Praktig” - this word is usually used in relation to men and means “handsome”, “gorgeous”, “magnificent”;
  • “Kack” - the characteristic of an ideal lover who’s witty and cheerful; however, this is not the material from which faithful husbands are made;
  • “Hurtig” - energetic, agile and skilful; if this quality is supplemented with “praktig” and “kack”, then it’s an absolutely normal person who fully corresponds to the concept of an ideal man.

So, we can’t but agree that such accuracy and sharpness of language debunks the myth of Swedish poor mental agility and lack of humor.

#11. Mysterious Swedish soul

If you manage to break the ice of the Swedish bride's outward coldness, you will suddenly find yourself in a huge sea of human feelings and sensations, moods and emotions: from children's fears to unrestrained fun. The waters of this sea are not like the stagnant surface of a pond frozen in some melancholy landscape.   

This ocean of feelings is full of turbulent undercurrents that can easily drag the one who’s been caught into them in a rapid journey, in the world of adventures, both real and miraculous, breathtaking and nerve-wracking.

How to win over a Swedish woman: tips from experienced men

It is not easy to win the heart of a Swedish beauty. She will not buy into street pickup techniques - her mentality is not tuned for that. But who said that you need to look for meetings with Swedish women on the streets of Stockholm or Gothenburg only? There is a more reliable and secure option, that is, a dating site.  

This is the place where Swedish brides come to voluntarily and with only one purpose - they want to find a life partner. Casual online communication guarantees more chances to meet the other half from far-away Sweden.  

You will not have to be nervous and choke with shame on the first remote dating. You will have time to think about each phrase during the conversation. The online matchmaker will help you with dating Swedish women in real life as well. If you fail, you can always try your luck again - the marriage agency will provide you with a lot of other candidates.

This strategy will require effort and time. It is not enough just to register on a dating platform and confirm your membership by depositing a certain amount of money. You need to constantly work on your profile, update content, add photos and videos, and come up with interesting topics for communication. All this will help you promote your account moving it to the top of the site where the most successful and popular applicants appear.

It is like climbing a mountain with an edelweiss growing on top of it. Despite the fact that you are out of breath and have made lot of efforts, you know that you will be rewarded with a beautiful and rare flower. Creating a family with a Swedish woman  who’s straightforward, friendly and trustworthy, you will find a faithful life partner.   

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