Terms and Conditions

This document named Terms and Conditions (hereinafter referred to as ‘T&C’) describes fully all regulations & rules fitting for the aabride.com online spot, which has the official domain address aabride.com.

If a utilizer accesses & uses the aabride.com, they give their full & irrevocable consent with all clauses of these T&C. If a utilizer disagrees fully or partially with the T&C, a utilizer should immediately stop utilizing the site & leave the page. 

These T&C are subject to change at any time as the administration of the aabride.com decides. Any prior notice about changes is not obligatory. It is the utilizer’s accountability to monitor changes to these T&C. After any effective changes to the T&C happen, if any utilizer continues to utilize the aabride.com, it means he or she automatically & completely agrees with the T&C as they are. If a utilizer disagrees with changes, they have to immediately stop utilizing the site.

For the purposes of describing these T&C, the notions ‘Client’, ‘Utilizer’ all refer to a utilizer of the aabride.com, whilst ‘Company’, ‘We’, ‘Us’, ‘Our’, ‘Ours’ all refer to Company – owner of aabride.com and/or the site’s aabride.com administration. ‘Party’, ‘Parties’, ‘Sides’ mean the company & the utilizer collectively, simultaneously. The applied terminology of those words, their singular & plural forms, capitalization, naming it/she/he/they/them & akin should all apply in proper meaning as followed from the context & refer to the same parties.


The site aabride.com uses the functionality of cookies. To know more, read the Privacy & Cookie Policy. By entering & utilizing the aabride.com, a utilizer gives utilizer’s full consent to use cookies as they are meant to be used. Some of our affiliates or third parties may also use cookies. Refer to their Cookie Policy to know the details. 


The aabride.com in whole & all its parts on their own are all the intellectual, technological & technical possessions of the Company (if otherwise isn’t stated directly). All rights are reserved on intellectual possessions according to the Law. The site aabride.com is intended for utilizers’ personal use & they all must use it as follows:

These T&C apply to each new utilizer immediately as they enter the site.


Only utilizers of full legal age (18 & over) can use the site aabride.com (other legal age can be provided by utilizer’s state or country & a utilizer should not be younger than this age in this circumstance). Otherwise, a utilizer is not permitted to use this site & shall immediately leave it, not utilizing it until reaching the legal age. If a utilizer decides to use this site in another circumstance, this is done solely at utilizer’s discretion & we bear no accountability for utilizer’s decision, actions, lack of actions, or any possible consequences, including harm.

Links to other online spots

There can be a collaboration with other online spots established by our site & thus, it is possible that links to third-party sites are placed on the site aabride.com. But linking to them does not mean that the aabride.com bears any accountability or has any control over the content placed on those third-party sites. We are not accountable for any use or misuse of information located on such third-party sites & we cannot control or monitor any information published on third-party sites, no matter what damage may have been caused to utilizers by utilizing such sites. Going to the third-party sites & utilizing them is done solely at utilizer’s discretion, accountability & risk. Our Privacy & Cookie Policy or T&C are not associated with similar or same documents of those third-party sites & only cover everything connected to the aabride.com online spot.

Linking to our content

The listed utilizers or bodies can link to our pages or content without any prior notice or consent from our side:

  1. Search engines
  2. Government bodies, agencies, facilities & institutions
  3. News agencies
  4. Online catalogs
  5. Online distributors
  6. Businesses accredited by our online spot.

These may not link to our online spot:

  1. Charitable foundations or companies of all kinds
  2. Non-profit organizations of any nature
  3. Charitable fundraising bodies or agencies.

All links made to our online spot must correspond to the following requirements:

  1. They should correspond to the context of the online spot that makes a link to our site.
  2. They should not be deceptive.
  3. There is no false sponsorship, it does not say that we endorse or approve any product, activity, or feature of a online spot linking to us.

If a utilizer is not included into the list of those who may link to us but wish to make a link to us, it is possible to give us the request & we are going to consider it if a utilizer belongs to any of those:

The basic conditions of granting our approval to linking are:

If a utilizer desires to link to us & wants to receive our consent, then a utilizer has to send us a letter on the contact e-mail, where a utilizer has to inform us of the following:

  1. Utilizer’s company’s name; the name + all the requisites of a contact person within the company
  2. Utilizer’s online spot’s URL, listing all URLs, which a utilizer wants to use to place links from & the list of all webpages of utilizer’s site, which a utilizer wants to place a link to.

We are normally giving our answer in 2-3 weeks. 

There are three ways any organization approved by us can link to us:

  1. Utilizing our official name (corporate)
  2. Utilizing any resource locator (including a uniform one)
  3. Utilizing any piece of text from our online spot, which would make sense when applied to the content of the page, from which the link goes on our site & simultaneously when also applied to the content of our page, where it is connected to.

Without a license agreement specifically concluded between the administration of our online spot & a linking party, there will be no allowance given to use any of our trademarks, logos, or artwork from our online spot. 

Web frames

Our webpages that are been connected to cannot be concluded into any frames (without our prior written consent), which lead to any visual alteration of the appearance of our page that is being connected. 

Content liability

We are not accountable for anything that is on webpages on any site, which is connected to our online spot. Any connected third-party online spot bears full accountability to protect & defend us against any claims that may arise on this third-party online spot.

We are not giving our consent now & will never do in the future on the placement of a link to our site on any other site, which can be interpreted as obscene, illegal, harmful, infringing anyone’s rights, or advocates anything that can be considered obscene, illegal, harmful, or infringing anyone’s rights.

Rights reservation

We reserve the right to ask to delete any link to our site or any its part, at any time, without giving any reason or explanation for our request. Anyone placing links to our site or any part of it shall immediately remove them upon receiving our request. 

We also reserve the right to change these T&C at any time without any notice given to anyone in any form. All changes take effect immediately after placing them online unless otherwise stated. Everyone who continues to use the site aabride.com after the T&C have been changed automatically agrees to bound to them fully & irrevocably. 

Removing links from our site

Anyone who considers that any link located on our site shall be removed for whatever reason has the right to inform us about this. We are accountable for considering all such information but we are not accountable for any actions connected to it, including removing the link or answering to a sender.


We cannot guarantee that any information placed on the site aabride.com is full, correct, right, accurate, up to date, or corresponds to someone’s expectations. We also cannot guarantee that the site aabride.com remains workable at all times & in all geo-locations.

Under all conditions of T&C or any fitting law, we exclude our warranties, conditions, requirements & representations related to utilizing or not utilizing this online spot, activity of this online spot & the existence of online spot itself (that also include any warranties, conditions, requirements & representations regarding its quality, conditions, functioning, use with any care or skill, fullness, completeness, accuracy & correctness). It means that every utilizer is solely & fully accountable for any actions done by him or her & we completely deny all accountability of the site’s administration, which might have resulted in:

As all information on this online spot is published & accessible free of charge, the aabride.com’s administration shall bear no accountability for the losses or damages of any nature or essence that might have arisen from the use of information on this site.