10 Weighty Reasons To Meet And Date A Girl From Thailand

As a popular and affordable tourism destination, Thailand annually attracts crowds of Western visitors who are excited to experience its unique culture, to enjoy the tranquility of exotic nature and the boisterous spirit of nightlife. With the development of marriage agencies in the country, Thailand has also gained the reputation of one of the highest-rating locations for acquiring mail-order brides. Let's find out what traits and qualities of Thai women make it worthwhile to create an account on a dedicated site for a chance of meeting one of these beautiful and amiable ladies.

1. Dating a Thai woman, you don't lose much of your freedom

The notorious stereotype about relationships is that when a man gets a girlfriend, the first thing the woman does is cutting the wings of his freedom. No more hanging out at the bar with the boys, no more poker membership, no more having fun without his other half tagging along. This stereotype may have some grounds in the case of controlling Western girls, but it's hardly applicable to dating Thai women.

Marrying a Thai woman, you get a partner who takes a place by your side and supports you in all endeavors, instead of trying to run your life. In Thai culture, dating does not imply your significant other will attempt to limit your opportunities to do what you want. Whatever your decision is – be it something minor like going out for the night or a major life change like switching careers – you'll hear nothing but encouragement and tips for success from your sweetheart.

2. With a Thai girlfriend, your sex life will always be stellar

What drives many Western men away from committed relationships is how the couple's sex life tends to dwindle once they get serious. Western wives have a reputation for using sex as a manipulation tool or becoming disinterested in it altogether.

Thai hotties have a different mindset. Once the relationship turns serious and committed, a girlfriend from Thailand starts putting her best effort into accommodating the sexual wishes of her beloved. Knowing there are very many other Thai women for marriage, she does everything in her power to remain the only girl on your mind.

3. The exotic beauty of Thai women is legendary

While a girl's personality and attitude are what decides whether or not you're compatible in the long run, every relationship starts from physical attraction. The piquant appeal of beautiful Thai women is famous around the world. Her petite figure, swarthy or fair skin, long dark hair, and intense hazel eyes make up the well-recognized image of a bride found on Thailand dating sites.

Besides their natural beauty, Thailand women put a lot of effort into maintaining an attractive appearance. You won't have to watch your wife slowly give up on her looks, fashion, and figure. Even decades into marriage, you'll have a well-kept, slender, and elegant woman by your side.

4. Thai girls initiate reconciliation and never hold a grudge 

Disagreements and quarrels occasionally happen even in the happiest relationships. Are you used to the idea of your girlfriend stonewalling you and making sharky remarks weeks after the fight? That's not going to be the case in your Thailand dating experience. Women from this country seem incapable of holding a grudge for more than a couple of hours and are easy-going enough to make the first step towards reconciliation, regardless of who was wrong in the fight. 

5. Thai women are feminine is both appearance and behavior

The admirable femininity of Thai brides is expressed not only in their delicate beauty. It's also in their sense of style and fashion: long hair, moderate makeup, fitted dresses together with high heels make for the most attractive feminine look. Moreover, while few hot Thai women are truly subservient to their men, they eagerly take on the homemaker role and shoulder all the chores around the house, so that the man comes to a clean and comfortable home. Personality-wise, their femininity is manifested in grace and confidence, tactful assertiveness and irresistible charm.

6. Many brides from Thailand are keen on marrying a foreigner

Thailand is abundant with young and beautiful ladies looking to date and marry a Western “prince in shining armor”. While some of them resort to a marriage agency to meet a man with money and have a more prosperous life, others pursue Westerners simply for the lack of decent local guys. A fairly high percentage of males in Thailand are either gay or transsexual, and most men interested in marrying a girl have rigid patriarchal views. In any case, creating a profile on a dedicated online platform will help you encounter a huge variety of Thai mail-order brides interested in meeting you. You'll surely find someone who's perfect for you in both appearance and personality.

7. Thai women are approachable and easy-going

Some women brought up in Western society have distorted views of interpersonal communication. If you approach such a lady in a public setting to say “hi” and try to get her number, chances are high you'll be seen as a creep and told off. This is the sad and discouraging reality of trying to find a lady to date in a Western country.

On the other hand, approaching and complimenting random Thai chicks will never yield you a rude reply. Even if you're not her type of she already has a boyfriend, she'll shut down your flirtatious intentions in a polite and classy manner.

8. A girlfriend from Thailand will teach you to live in the moment

A relationship with a Thai girl will inevitably introduce a fair share of unpredictability and spontaneity into your life. If your life has always been based around rigid plans and schedules, you'll love the adventurous vibe of your girlfriend. Her impulsive nature provides for making decisions unhesitantly and changing them at the drop of a hat. She'll help you restore the long-lost ability to relax and take joy in the moment, going with the flow of life.

9. You'll get closely acquainted with a unique culture

The rich and vibrant culture of Thailand leaves an imprint on the lifestyle and mindset of its people. The multitude of its traits vary from humble to obnoxious, and can set you in a relaxed frame of mind or make you feel a little strange. The international influence of the West has had its impact on the everyday culture of Thailand, so a trip to your girlfriend's homeland will feel like a meeting an old pal after many years apart.

People of Thailand are distinguished by a laidback, no-worries attitude to life and its problems. A minor inconvenience or challenge can never ruffle a person from Thailand. Known as the Land of Smiles, this country brings up people who go through life with a positive mindset and always keep their chin up. Learning this attitude from your girlfriend may change your outlook on many things and help you to experience life to the fullest extent.

10. Thai wives value their family above everything else

Family ties are very strong in the culture of Thailand, which reflects on every aspect of locals' lives. Like in many other Asian countries, it's typical for beautiful Thai girls to continue living with their parents well into adulthood. Some do not move out even after marriage, which isn't seen as abnormal either. 

Moving half a world away from her parents to marry you will be tough for your bride emotionally. But once you become her husband, she'll focus on providing for the happiness and wellbeing of you and your children. There's nothing a Thai wife wouldn't sacrifice or happily let go of for the sake of her loved ones.

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