Dating advice for men: the best tips

Dating today for men is easier than it was 50 years ago. In those days, women were expecting to see you on a driver’s seat, picking up a bill, wearing classy and very elegant clothes and making first moves in everything. Now things have become easier yet there is still a lot of pressure on men. And, as dating is anyway nerve-consuming and requires a lot of attention on both sides, we’re giving you those dating pieces of advice, which, as we hope, will make your dates more relaxed and fun. 

Dating tips for men: meet people online and in real life

It will strongly depend on your age and views – do you mostly love dating apps like Tinder or Hinge or you more love personal interaction. For some, starting a conversation to a stranger seems terrifying while for others, chatting and swiping in the app feels deprived of any personal touch, soul, and chemistry. But no matter what category of people you belong to, it is best to have a fusion of these two, which increases your chances. You never know actually, will you meet someone to click with online or offline, so don’t deny any possibility that life gives you.

One of online dating tips for men: just be yourself

There is nothing bad about presenting a heightened version of yourself to anyone you’re meeting with. That actually how things work in most cases when you’re at the initial stage of relations with other people. But do not pretend to be someone you’re not:

  • the first amongst the dating tips for men is don’t lie (at least in anything that can be checked)
  • do not show your interest in anything you’re not just to impress your date
  • act and speak as naturally as you can considering the agitation you may have on your initial dates.

Remember that she wants to know real you and will be frustrated finding out that you’re not who you wanted to seem in her eyes.

First date tips for men: make the first date special

You’re not required to wear a tuxedo on your first date but do take care of your neat appearance: 

  1. Take a shower.
  2. Work extra time on your hair.
  3. Wear a nice fresh perfume (but do not overdo it).
  4. Pick ironed and clean clothes (it may probably take you to a shop to buy something new but even if it will not – worry not, as simply neat and clean clothes without blots and holes will do okay). Make the clothes combine, creating a nice image. Remember that the first impression that you will do on your lady will never fade away from her head. 

Also, take the initiative in arranging a place to meet. A fancy bar or restaurant can be noisy and too expensive and there may be no seats untaken. Instead, try taking her to a walk to a park (considering the season of the year), a nice independent pizzeria in your hood or a Victorian pub you know it’s quiet there. 

How to date a woman: avoid the ‘ex’ conversation

Nobody will be in a winning situation if you’re going to talk about your ex. Speaking about her is actually the worst dating advice. What would you feel if she talked about her ex? Probably, nothing but frustration and hesitation to hear anything about a person you don’t even know. Your ex is not a part of your life today and she will be not a part of your relations with a new woman, so why talking about her?

Amongst the tips for men, we can highlight this: if your date asks about your ex – you can talk but keep it concise and short (without being suspicious). Explain to her that your ex is history while you as a man are interested in knowing her, alive and in flesh, who’s together with him right now. 

And a man speaks about ex – do it without mentioning her in a negative light, no matter she was good or bad. Remember that if your current date becomes ex, she wouldn’t want to hear about herself from your mouth negatively. 

Dating rules for men: message her a lot to keep the attraction alive

Remember that you’re here on a date, not during a casual conversation between friends or in your office at a meeting. Thus, the date must have more contact and flirt than any other casual conversation. Touching her arm or shoulder is okay – but do not overdo with it, to make your date feel comfortable, not harassed. 

Also, do not lay out all your cards on a table during the first or second date (even if you have a lot to say). You have to keep the balance between being open and keeping some mystery in your personality to make it exciting for your lady to come on further dates to reveal you more. That creates intrigue and gravitation – exactly what you need. 

Date tips for guys: take initiative

No matter if your date is feminist or just a normal girl – nearly any woman expects to see initiative from a man (as this is the right way to see what kind of a man she will date or live with in the future if things go well). Do not do like this: ‘Where do you want to go?’ ‘I don’t know; where would you like to go?’

Being unconfident about initiative does not characterize you as a person who is able to cope with tasks of life with dignity and deducts points of interest in her eyes. If you’re hesitating, you can ask her where would she like to go and arrange a place of a date based on this information.

Girls’ advice for guys: confidence is key

When you are a guy, you have to be confident. Surely, many people think they do not look good enough, that they have flaws, etc. But that’s okay for everyone, as nobody’s perfect (but a dollar bill). The thing is that how you deal with being you. Ladies like confident guys and think this trait is above everything. Confidence will make you push yourself further through your dating and is generally extremely helpful in life, as you can reach your goals, not being distracted or brought down by other people. As this trait is about the evolutionary benefit, ladies stick to confident and strong guys the most. 

If you aren’t really that guy – you should still practice it before dating anyone, as, without confidence, you’re not swimming too far.

How to date women: do more than dinner and drinks

Online dating tips for guys: dating is about knowing each other. Surely, many of us feel stiffed during dating someone you hardly know. But dating is about knowing each other. Food and drinks are just helpers (alcohol drinks, especially). You do have to chat about topics of your interest and ask questions from each other, replying to them and memorizing everything she says to you (to show you’ve been listening). If you feel awkward in a cafe or restaurant – pick another place for a date, there are plenty of them where you can talk, enjoying the company of each other.

Remember about the balance – don’t do all the talking yet don’t be just a listener. Reveal confidently, what are your dating goals and whom you are searching for. Your interests and strivings have to match at this stage to move forward. 

Dating advice for guys: compliment her

Girls usually take more time to prepare for a date. The more hopes she puts on you, the more time she needs to look pretty on a date with you. So, hell yeah, she definitely expects compliments from your side about her look! Best dating advice for men: that shouldn’t be something like ‘Your dress is pretty’. Make it much more personalized like ‘The color of that dress underlines your beautiful eyes’ or ‘The staggering look of yours tonight makes my heart ache.’

Girls love with ears – that is still undeniable rule. As a guy, you definitely have a more analytical brain but you can’t turn a date into facts’ exchange – girls are bored pretty quickly about it (and many other guys, too, especially those not as smart as you are). So talk with humor, make her laugh, compliment her (but do not embarrass her), and do not forget about tactile contact. 

Online dating advice for men: ask lots of questions

Nobody wants to spend 2 or 3 hours of dining with a stranger in awkwardness. That’s why you have to speak to each other. How to have a good first date for guys? Here are some great themes to speak about (or if none of this suits you, you may come up with yours, like talking about hobby):

  1. How was your day?
  2. What do you do? What’s your typical working day? What’s your dream job if this is not it? What do you wish to achieve and what you have managed to achieve so far?
  3. How do you spend the weekends? Do you have hobbies? 
  4. What your ideal chill day looks like? Do you try to fill it with activity or just enjoy doing nothing?
  5. Do you plan your holidays and vacations? Do you like to travel? What countries did you visit and which you liked the most? 

Avoid being pushy

How to act on the first date for guys? Remember about the balance between being shy and pushy.

  • Do ask her questions but do not pus her too heavily if she doesn’t wanna answer some of them or avoids some themes
  • Do show your interest in her person but do not get into too small details, as your initial dates have to be fun and relaxing, not showing self as too nosy in her business
  • If you are interested in the further date after this one is over, ask a girl directly if she wants the same. If no – accept this (maybe, ask her one or two questions, why) and don’t push or stalk her. 

Remember another online dating advice for guys: a date must stay on its track – this is a casual interview of two people investigating the potential of another person to be with him or her in life. If there is no potential for anyone of them, it’s senseless to push; do not waste your time.

Do not check your phone during your date

Since 2000, the point of turning the phone off is the one that has to be highlighted over and over. If you’re meeting with someone and you don’t expect a fire in your house or a surgical operation where you may be called anytime as the leading surgeon, just turn your phone off. Muting it and putting face down on the table is still a no-do thing, as you will be distracted by it. Put it away – in your bag or pocket and let the two of you enjoy the flow of conversation and have fun this evening without distracting factors in the issue of how to date women. Thus, you are going to show your lady that you enjoy her company and that you can be an adult fella by spending your time and giving your attention solely to her. 

Give her a kiss at the end of the date

If you think that your date went well, it is nice first date advice for guys to kiss her at the end of it. There is an entire science about the first kiss and how it should be done but you can learn about it elsewhere (it would be too long to describe all nuances here). The most important thing is that you have to be attracted to her and guess that she feels the same. If you reach for a kiss and she does not move away from you or slip down out of your hands – these are good first date rules for guys to move further and make a kiss. But don’t be too pushy if she isn’t thrilled by an idea of a kiss.

Let her decide when she wants to have sex with you

When it comes to sex, some people may do it on the first or second date (lucky ones). Others are not that lucky and they need much more time to get used to a person enough to make this huge step, which will change everything in their relations since then. You have to let her decide to do this step so she feels comfortable about it. But that does not mean you have to be cold with her until that happens. Exploit your hormones to tease her and make her hornier each time you’re on a date and between them using social media and SMS. Your activity on this will make her come faster to this point of having sex, while your apathy can scare her away.

Make sure of her safety (getting home after each date)

The thing number 1 in girl advice for guys is a mutual safety when you’re yet strangers and when you have a tenth or twentieth date. After each one, make sure she’s driving safely to her home on a car, taxi or ride-sharing service (if you aren’t driving her yourself). As for arranging the date, when you’re not quite familiar with each other, pick any crowdy places to make sure you aren’t killed and dismembered in some rented house’s cellar. Also, here’s another dating tip for a guy: before going to the first date with anyone, make sure to inform your parents, relatives, or friends about your location – just in case (because girls can also be maniacs).

We’re sure that sticking to those first date tips for guys you found in this article will make your dates filled with the splendor of fun, entertainment, and effect. 

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